About Tribelio

Tribelio is an all in one community management platform, by creating an account at Tribelio you can build or join a tribe / community according to your interests. If you build a tribe you are called a chief, you can invite people to join your tribe. In a tribe, chief and members can discuss with each other like us on social media such as Facebook groups.

As chief, you can access the member database and all of their activities. In addition, chiefs can also interact by using broadcast email, chat, and push notifications. Member data that can be accessed can be integrated directly as a look like or custom audience for advertising on Facebook. You can find out more about your members 'activities with analytics in your tribe / community's creator studio, which will help you to identify your members' interests more specifically.

Simply put, Tribelio is a platform that allows the Chief to interact with members who have bought a product or are interested in the product, where the chief as the owner of the group or community can fully manage information between members.